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Respostas apostila inglês 3°ano Ensino medio volume 2

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a) dentist
b) receptionist
c) teacher
d) salesman
e) nurse
f) waiter
g) lawyer
h) accountant
i) architect
j) security guard

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Exercício 2.

(D) good at working on their own and making decisions
(H) can work in a planned way
(G) good with numbers
(E) good with computers
(B) very interested in doing well at their job
(C) naturally very good at what they do
(F) can assume different responsibilities if necessary
(A) work well with other people

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Tips For Your First Job

(c) Where To Search

(d) A Simple Résumé

(b) Body Language

(a) FlolloW-up

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a- If you want to prepare yourself to get your first job,
read the following tips. They will help you understand what is
involved in the job-search process.

b-A résumé is a document that describe your qualities and. is important.

c-Yes Because to help create a professional lock.

d-To show you are confident.

e-To Check if you will be hired or not.

f-Try to feel comfortable and smile during the interview.
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